How this Movie Can Help You


What happens when an entrepreneur gets bored, wants to shake things up, and has to exit their comfort zone?


I created this movie to increase the startup success rate by minimizing the vast gap of struggle between idea and execution.

Entrepreneurship is hard and no one went to school for this.

Entrepreneur, The Movie solves 10 key struggles every entrepreneur faces, and will help you create the mindset to flip these beneficial struggles into solutions. This movie helps you understand how to get out of your own way, so you and your idea can truly blossom and create maximum impact.

The movie covers: Money, Overthinking, Public Speaking, Rejection, Selling, Validation, and more. 

When you finish watching, you will want and know how to define success on your own terms.

If you have an adventurous spirit and bootstrapping capabilities, you already have successful entrepreneurial characteristics.

In order to move into and own success, we need to face and remove the fear of failure.

Many avoid failure so much so that they sometime are so focused on not failing that they don't aim for success, settling instead for a life of mediocrity. It’s not to late to flip your destiny.

FuckUp nights is a very popular event gaining traction in 80+ countries.

Their premise is the same as this movie. To embrace failure, especially by sharing stories and uncomfortable experiences so we can find solutions by quickly learning from each other.

Hey, the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps. 

Go ahead, take the first action step forward.

This movie is the master class for Entrepreneurship.

You can watch the movie in the comfort of your own home. In 24-minutes, you’ll be able to move out of the land of struggles and uncertainty to move into the land of solutions and probability.

"Entrepreneurship is Our Future."  Kathy Bass



About: Short Edutainment [Education + Entertainment] Movie for Budding Entrepreneurs

The movie is about a modern entrepreneur who is on a 2-day staycation prior to her speaking gig. It features real people, real life, and real stories to reveal 10 key actionable knowledge nuggets that every entrepreneur needs to know so they can achieve success sooner than later. If you struggle* you are not alone-watch the movie.

* Struggle is when we are stuck between who we think we should be and who we actually are.


Your best stories will come from your struggles. The seed of your success is in your failures. Your praises will be birthed from your pains. Keep standing. I’ve never seen a storm last forever. Seasons change.— Unknown

What You'll Learn

  1. Why selling isn’t a big, scary monster.
  2. How to budget so you can grow your business effectively.
  3. How to create systems so you bring in more revenue, faster.
  4. How to inject fun into your business so you’ll really love your “working” time.
  5. How to bounce back from failure quickly so you can get into the game again.

When you’re ready to leave the struggle behind, we'll be here ready to move you into solution.

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