Entrepreneurs Need Each Other


Excellent idea. Entrepreneurs need each other to offer guidance. Really interesting movie.

Sandra H.

Key Lessons to Be Successful


The movie provided some insightful perspectives into the difficulties facing entrepreneurs and balances personal experience with key lessons necessary to be successful.

Richard B.

The Struggle is Definitely Real


I loved the concept and the truthful essence of this movie. #TheStruggle is definitely real.

Stephanie F. 

Create Net Impact


Loved the last line contrasting net worth and net impact. Great philosophy!

Joe H.

Learn With a Comedian


The movie had a great concept.

I enjoyed how the movie addressed at the points of interest/struggle.

Informative, but also entertaining. Loved the comedian.

Matthias O.

Open Up Other Possibilities


I wish I was exposed to entrepreneurial career paths while I was studying for my degree programs. This movie would have opened up my eyes to other possibilities, and let me to ask more questions.

Jennifer V. 

You want to make it as an entrepreneur. By Kathy Bass

You want to make it as an entrepreneur. But, creating the fun and meaningful life that you long for shouldn't involve spinning your wheels endlessly.

Entrepreneur, The Movie is your edutainment outlet to making it and making it easier. 

We are all on this roller coaster together, and this movie is my way of helping us enjoy the ride. 


It’s not easy, but it can easier, and fun. 

Don’t feel as though you need to experience the struggle alone. 

Partners Along for the ride