Entrepreneurship is hard and no one went to school for this.

Movie solves 10 key struggles every entrepreneur faces.


This movie is the class they didn’t offer in school. 

Modern entrepreneur goes on a 2 day roller coaster staycation prior to her speaking gig.

Featuring: Real People. Real Life. Real Stories.


Felipe Z


Refreshing to see a realistic portrayal of entrepreneurship and the struggle that comes with it. Definitely can relate to this movie! 

Ozeal D


The movie was a great depiction of the entrepreneurial journey. The struggle is real and I believe it can help other entrepreneurs overcome the mental obstacles most face.

Sharon Z


I was very pleased with the organic creativity and the message. It depicts the day-in-the-life of an entrepreneur and how her expedition-like encounters are just part of her undertaking to continue her process of becoming the best version of herself.